Everything you wanted to know about
the team behind Promised the World.

  • We are from Melbourne and New York. 
  • We are far from perfect but we’re improving.
  • We are not vegan though often wish we were.
  • We have great friends, great family and are surrounded by wonderful people. 
  • We travel frequently to places like Hawaii and Thailand. We’ve seen the US, UK, China, Korea, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Spain, Australia, Thailand & more. 

Our team is made up of a few strangers who met through other friends. We like to think we’re bright, hard-working and fun people who want to make a difference. 

And that’s it. We are just a few ordinary people with ordinary lives. 

We’re more interested in you. Why are you here? How can we help you? We’ve built this business to make the world a slightly better place. What are you willing to do? 

Want to read more about our mission
and see why we do what we do?

We think the world is a pretty amazing place but we'd like to make it better.