What IS Ethical Shopping?

When we say “ethical shopping” we mean making considered choices that involve more than price per pound or what your screaming toddler wants in the shops. We’re talking about making educated decisions on the impact of your purchase. Or, as ethical.org.au says “What are you supporting when you shop?” Are you supporting the manufacture of plastics? Or of sustainable ones? Are you supporting excess plastic packaging or businesses who are working hard to reduce that waste?

Before starting Promised I had no idea that jeans used so much water to make. With clean water never an issue for me, I also sometimes fail to see the impact of my decisions as they’re far removed from my actual life.

NIMBY – Not in My BackYard is a similar concept. Everyone can agree that renewable power sources, such as nuclear power, are a wonderful idea. Until they want to put a nuclear power plant in your backyard. Then it’s NIMBY.

Ethical choices will not only prolong our Earth’s sustainability but may even reverse the course we’ve begun and create a long-term sustainable life for everyone on it.

Our Ethical Options

Promised the World exists to provide ethical options for your plastic replacements and long-term ecofriendly purchasing.

We offer products like the above:

Bamboo sunglasses with bamboo packaging. Nearly fully recyclable and still stylish, these are an eco-improvement over nearly ever other available option. Is the poly lens ideal? No, but we need to protect our eyes. Until sustainable or recyclable solutions make that simpler, these are the “best” we can hope for.

Wheat grass bowls & tableware – completely biodegradable, solid and dishwasher friendly, these bowls are great replacements for the plasticware of your teens & 20s. Wheat products such as wheat grass, wheat bran and wheat straw are all ethical solutions to everyday needs.

Wooden spoons, cookware and tableware are something we’ve all used in the past but the proliferation of non-stick, plastic spoons, slotted spoons and the like make it “easy” and cheap to purchase them, use them until they break or melt at the edges, then replace them. 10,000+ years later they may break down. We hope.

Wooden watches, like wooden sunglasses, are both on-trend and ethical solutions. Most watches these days are silicone band smart-watches. The ones that aren’t may contain pseudo leathers, PU leather or other long-term challenging products.

We hope that by providing you with options and plenty to browse on our site we help you make the easy choice to make an ethical purchasing decision. Take reusable bags to the grocery store, refuse plastic straws and bring your own metal or silicone reusable ones.

If there are products you’d like to see on our store please contact us and we’ll do our best!