Renewables vs Non-Renewables

What makes something renewable? Simple, it’s the ability for us to “make it new” again – to get more of it and sustain it’s production and usage indefinitely.

We know traditional “fossil fuels” are non-sustainable. We use them much, much faster than the Earth replaces them. This includes fuel such as coal, natural gas, petrol for your car or the oil that goes into many products including the plastics we are desperately trying to remove from our lives. 

We need to replace our usage of these fuels with renewable sources such as hydro & wind power, solar power and renewable materials such as bamboo. 

Why is bamboo so sustainable? It can grow up to a metre per day, very close together, and is useful in everything from furniture to plates and toothbrushes. It is biodegradable and fits well into the product ecosystem we are creating. 

Bamboo requires no pesticides and little water, especially compared to cotton-based crops. And while bamboo rayon isn’t ideal, new products such as bamboo lyocell make it even more environmentally friendly to make products of this tough wood.

While our goal at Promised the World isn’t to promote solar power or wind farms, it’s important for us to help educate and remind you that we’re not just here to sell you stuff, either. We’re here to make the world a bit better and we need to consider what our current options are doing to the world we love.